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We make it easy for you as a mobile game creator, developer or publisher to bring your games to the web, unlocking new growth and a new cross-platform experience!

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Everything you need to thrive on the web

We offer a complete product suite for releasing your game on the web. Your team can focus on building great mobile games while our tools do the heavy lifting for you.

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Launch your mobile game on desktop browsers where players get a big screen gaming experience without installing a thing.

Game site

Launch your game site to create a single destination for your players to access your game, store, community and more.

Onboard your players easily with instant account linking between mobile and web, bringing your existing users to the web in a flash.

Mobile Account Linking
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Ensure high in-game purchase conversion rates by using our integrated payment solution that includes over 30 supported regional payment options.

Developer tools that integrate into your existing workflow

From porting to regular updates, our SDKs and developer console will eliminate the need for hiring a web team.

Our Unity SDK is the easiest and fastest way to bring your game to the web. Upload your builds directly to the control center of the Pley platform, our Game Manager.
Unity Extension
The Game Manager makes it easy to test and launch your builds, conduct play testing, manage in-game purchases,  restrict regions, and much more.
Play testing
Pley's out of the box hosting and game delivery enables instant browser play with fast load times and no installs.
Loading and Game delivery
Uploaded builds are automatically optimized and compressed to ensure the highest quality, performance and functionality.
Build management
Integrate Pley into your everyday workflow. Upload builds from your CI/CD for internal testing or public release.
Access our developer demo to try out our tools for yourself or forward a demo invitation to your development team.
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"The pace is remarkable when the Pley team advances in putting Dead Ahead on the web. It’s a fact that we wouldn’t have been able to do it ourselves."
Anton Belov
CEO, Mobirate
“The game works better on the browser as it has its own pace. In the browser, it is possible for longer session times. It’s a simple way to make in-game purchases and play games.”
Xin Zhao
CEO, SavySoda
“Pley unlocks blue ocean distribution across desktop for both PC and Mac and lets everyone scale beyond mobile.”
Anatolijs Ropotovs
CEO, Game Insight & UltraHorse Ent.
“Bringing our mobile games to the web was an important strategic decision, and Pley made it incredibly smooth. Their toolchain and cloud distribution platform simplifies the entire process, from hosting to monetization, while ensuring our games run flawlessly on every major browser."
Mathias Royer
Chief Studios Officer, Tilting Point

Trusted partner

Pley has been distributing and porting mobile games to PC for the web since 2017. We work with top-tier publishers, developers, and studios to help them realise their cross-platform development goals by expanding their games to the web.

With a well-documented toolchain, expert engineering support, and a game distribution platform running on Google Cloud, we can scale to the enterprise level for even the most demanding gaming partners.

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