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Bring your mobile game to the big screen and get access to over a billion active browser players worldwide.

Mobile games to webMobile games to web
Mobile-to-web porting time
2-4 weeks
Avg player session time on Pley vs mobile
Total number of hours played on Pley
>1,9 Million
Number of games ported with Pley
15+ (and growing)

Expand your player base

On Pley, your games are accessible to over a billion active browser gamers. Extend cross-platform capability to your existing mobile players, and tap into a massive blue ocean of web gamers.

Port your mobile title to the web
quickly using Pley’s SDK.

Manage live ops, payments & updates in Pleys’ Game Manager.

Maximize UA effectiveness with unrestricted web re-targeting.

Join The Movement

Major mobile publishers are already generating 100’s of millions in new revenue by expanding their titles to the web.

Pley’s SDK and web storefront help you easily migrate, market, and maintain your game on all major browsers.

Let your gamers experience your game on the big screen. No, tiny buttons, eye strain, or thumbs in the way. Just amazing play.

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Customers and Partners

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Game Insight
Savy Soda
“Pley unlocks blue ocean distribution across desktop for both PC and Mac and lets everyone scale beyond mobile.”
Anatolijs Ropotovs
CEO, Game Insight & UltraHorse Ent.
“The game works better on the browser as it has its own pace. In the browser, it is possible for longer session times. It’s a simple way to make in-game purchases and play games.”
Xin Zhao
CEO, SavySoda
"50% of our net revenue is derived outside of Apple & Google stores"
Vlad Suglobov
CEO, G5 Entertainment

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