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Increase player engagement by expanding your mobile game to desktop web. Pley’s cloud platform makes porting, game distribution and managing release cycles easy for your cross-platform game on the web.

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Mobile games on web

Mobile games on web

Pley empowers mobile developers and publishers to realize their cross-platform development strategy by bringing their games to the web.

Our end-to-end solution includes a cloud-based game distribution platform with in-game payments, a toolchain for porting and building Unity WebGL games, and instant account linking to enable your players to access their game in a browser immediately.

No emulation, no installs, just mobile play on the big screen.

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Pley has been distributing and porting mobile games to PC for the web since 2017. We work with top-tier publishers, developers, and studios to help them realize their cross-platform development goals by expanding their games to the web.

With a well-documented toolchain, expert engineering support, and a game distribution platform running on Google Cloud, we can scale to the enterprise level for even the most demanding gaming partners.

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Game Insight
Savy Soda
“Pley unlocks blue ocean distribution across desktop for both PC and Mac and lets everyone scale beyond mobile.”
Anatolijs Ropotovs
CEO, Game Insight & UltraHorse Ent.
“The game works better on the browser as it has its own pace. In the browser, it is possible for longer session times. It’s a simple way to make in-game purchases and play games.”
Xin Zhao
CEO, SavySoda
"50% of our net revenue is derived outside of Apple & Google stores"
Vlad Suglobov
CEO, G5 Entertainment

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