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Cloud & Automation

Pley workflow automation

Any Unity WebGL build uploaded to Pley is validated, optimized, and compressed automatically.
Pley Cloud Processing improves functionality, load times, and release update reliability for your web game.

Automated systems

Pley’s web embed technology, browser support, asset/game delivery,
and authentication are all powered by automated systems
so there’s no work for you.

Processing, compression, & optimization

When game builds are uploaded to Pley (manually or through your CI), Pley automatically optimizes and compresses your Unity WebGL build to ensure the highest quality and functionality.

Automated browser support

Web browsers are constantly being updated and can potentially
impact game behavior. Pley maintains browser support
without you having to update your game.

Pley cloud processing

A family of product features that improve
both developer and game experience

Patching & optimizing

Whenever a Unity WebGL game build is uploaded to the Pley Game Manager, it is automatically processed to increase web performance and compatibility.


Pley automatically handles asset compression after the build has been treated by Pley’s build processing. Compression makes sure that the game starts quickly and reliably.

Asset management

Your game, assets, and user data are all hosted and delivered by Pley. With no action on your part, local files are made available, and loading screens are optimized.

Settings  & configurations

The Pley SDK makes sure that your Unity WebGL build is correctly configured and built with the right settings. This data is also delivered to the Game Manager for easy overview.

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Launch your mobile game on the web with Pley.

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