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Engagement & Playtime

Bigger screens. More playtime. Higher engagement.

Pley Connect provides easy account linking between mobile and web to increase playtime, engagement and in-game spend
for your current mobile players.

Play across screens with seamless account linking

Pley Connect transforms mobile-only users into cross-platform players.
Users can instantly sync their mobile progress to the web, continuing
their game progress on desktop without missing a beat.


Increase player value

Expand existing player usage, improve engagement, increase playtime, and boost player investment in your game.


More engagement, more spend

Leverage Pley Connect to create a cross-platform ecosystem, boosting player engagement and conversion.


Multi-screen experience

Offer your players a seamless experience when switching between mobile and desktop screens.

Save time

No downloads, no hassle

Mobile players instantly continue their game progress on the web, without installing any additional software.

Multiple methods to enable cross-platform play

Leverage one or more methods to instantly transform your users
into cross-platform players.

In-game code

Start from mobile

Integrate the account linking flow into your app and have your players play on the big screen in less than a minute.

Scan QR code

Start from your website

Integrate account linking into your website or game page so your players can continue their mobile progress right in the browser.

Shareable link

Start from any channel

Initiate account linking by sending out links through email, social media, ads, or in-game communication.

Designed for your players

Our ready-to-use flows cover various player contexts and handle many edge-cases users may encounter.

Pley Connect Flow

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