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Mobile game monetization on web

Don’t stop the play

Give your player’s the payment flow they deserve.
Uninterrupted, in-game purchases in a single click,
without ever leaving the game environment.

In-game payments

Instant, reliable and non-intrusive

We simplify and streamline mobile game monetization on the web.
Pley’s in-game payment solution ensures secure and reliable
regional payments are available within the gaming experience.

Optimized payment directly in your game

Pley’s integrated purchase flow optimizes for payer conversion and immersion. Our simple, one-click payment solution never disrupts gameplay, increasing purchase conversion. This makes mobile game monetization on the web easy and non-intrusive.

Regional payment methods

Users are automatically offered appropriate payment methods based on their regional location. Pley supports 15+ payment methods, with more continually being added.

Powered by Adyen

Pley’s payment solution is built using Adyen’s globally recognized end-to-end payment pipeline. Expect high security, reliability and stability.

Expand your reach

Launch your mobile game on the web with Pley.

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