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Workflow & DevOps

Build your game.
We’ll do the rest.

Don’t hire a web team or change how you work. Pley integrates with your current mobile game development workflow.

Cross-platform development
without changing workflow

With Pley, game developers will continue doing what they know; building great mobile games. Our products minimize the work required to expand
your Unity WebGL games to desktop web.

Continue using your build pipeline

Using Pley’s toolchain, you’ll easily upload and release Unity WebGL games builds to your players with a click of a button or CI/CD.

Continue with your QA methods

Create playtest release tracks with a button click in Pley’s Game Manager. Simply enable your QA team with a link.

Continue using your tools / services

Pley’s products resolve web compatibility issues for tools, libraries and services. We help you integrate with problematic pre-made solutions.

Continue with your asset delivery

We facilitate the integration with asset systems you run on mobile, or integrate Pley's own system for your web builds for Unity WebGL.

Adapted to mobile game development

Pley builds its products to perfectly suit mobile game developers. Instead of changing how you work to operate your game on web, we eliminate friction by adapting to your workflow.

Mobile game porting & update compatibility

After Pley helps you complete the initial port of your game, very little additional work is required. For future release updates, Pley makes sure that what you build for mobile also works for web.

Web development infrastructure & DevOps

Pley Game Manager lets you test, develop and release web builds for Unity WebGL. Integrate with your CI/CD, and automatically build for web without needing any web engineering experience.

Expanding to web doesn’t
have to be a hassle

Pley is your virtual web engineering team. We do the heavy lifting
so you can maintain focus on the important stuff.

Hosting & game delivery

No web infrastructure required.
Let Pley do it for you.

Payments & products


Authentication & social login


Browser support & web maintenance

100+ web browsers supported.
No work needed by you.

LiveOps, updates & version management

Let mobile game development and updates for web be convenient for you.

Expand your reach

Launch your mobile game on the web with Pley.

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