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Expand your reach

Pley enables you to run your game at any location on the web.
You choose where to drive players to get the
best browser gaming experience.

Mobile games to web

Build the best cross-platform gaming experience
for your players with Pley

Pley takes the complexity out of game distribution and release cycle updates for your game on the web so you can focus on high priority mobile game development that increases revenue, retention and engagement. We even offer an instant account linking solution with Pley Connect that allows your mobile players to start playing on web with their existing account immediately.

Your game, your website

Run your game on your own website, and control the player experience yourself. Pley gives you a world-class, instantly-shareable gaming experience without your having to invest in a web infrastructure team of your own.

Automatic browser support

Pley supports the constantly changing landscape of web browser updates so you don’t have to, ensuring you maintain the best gaming experience possible for your player base.

Game delivery & hosting

With Pley, you don’t have to worry about hosting, optimizing or delivering assets to your players. We do that for you, ensuring load times are short so your players never have to wait to start gaming.

Your game, exactly where you want it

Your game on the web

Play-time & in-game purchases directly in the browser. Expand your game’s reach to the web and reap instant rewards from your cross-platform development strategy.

Leverage cross-platform play

Allow players to play the game on various devices at different times during their day. This engages your players in extended playtime across platforms, builds brand engagement and allows you to retain control of the gaming experience.

New revenue streams

Expand outside the mobile ecosystemsand their fees. Gamers tend to play longer sessions of the game in the browser than on mobile, and spend more money on in-game purchases. In-game payments convert better than web shop links and lead to higher average revenue per user.

Bigger screen and deeper immersion

Playing the game on desktop web leads to higher engagement and playtime. We ensure your game looks and plays just like it does on mobile while offering a single-click, in-game purchase experience for your players so they stay fully engaged.

Maximum shareability and viral potential

The web is unbeatable in terms of making your game available, discoverable and shareable. Gamers can easily invite friends to play the game by simply sharing a link.

Expand your reach

Launch your mobile game on the web with Pley.

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