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Pley, a cloud-based platform, effortlessly brings mobile games to the web. With 20+ games already on board, we ensure broad browser compatibility, easy cross-platform play, seamless monetization, and elevated player engagement. As a trusted industry leader since 2017, we streamline workflows and provide robust cloud infrastructure, reshaping the gaming experience.

Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming: PLEY's Seamless Transition to Web


The need for mobile game companies to expand to broader audiences has never been a more strategic imperative than it is today. Enter Pley, a cloud-based platform that bridges the gap between mobile and desktop web gaming. In this blog article, we'll explore Pley’s product, features and future as it paves the way for mobile developers to distribute their games on the web.

Empowering Mobile Games on Web

Over 20 native desktop and mobile games have been ported and distributed on Pley’s web platform, showcasing its prowess in redefining the gaming experience. These games span numerous genres, including strategy, RPG, simulation, and more, targeting a wide variety of casual and mid-core player communities.

Unparalleled Browser Support and Accessibility

Games running on Pley are compatible with over 98% of currently used browsers, ensuring that gamers can access their favorite titles on virtually any device. Pley also monitors browser updates and pre-emptively makes changes to ensure platform compatibility. These changes are usually completely invisible to game developers, allowing them to focus on their game rather than browser compatibility.

Optimized Mobile Game Monetization on the Web

Pley delivers a seamless, fully-integrated monetization experience for both developers and players. By supporting an array of in-game payment methods, Pley expertly converts players into paying customers without disrupting the gaming experience. This results in improved conversion rates, deeper player engagement, and higher average revenue generated per player.

Elevated Engagement and Extended Playtime

Pley’s "Pley Connect" feature enables instant cross-platform account linking between mobile and web. With a simple QR code scan, players can move directly from their mobile gaming session to a web browser session, picking up exactly where they left off on their phone, and linking their account for future cross-platform play.

Streamlined Workflow and Development Operations

Game development workflows are complex. Pley’s solution focuses on seamlessly integrating with developers’ existing workflows, so distributing their game on the web adds no additional work. Pley performs the heavy lifting of distribution so developers can focus on building amazing game experiences rather than dedicating resources to monitoring and administering a live web service.

Robust Cloud Infrastructure and Automation

Pley’s cloud-based game distribution platform encompasses every aspect of game delivery, hosting, web infrastructure, optimization, and browser support. Pley is at the forefront of evolving web technologies, ensuring that our product roadmap will always stay in lockstep with new and emerging web standards.

A Trusted Partner in the Gaming Industry

Since its inception in 2017, Pley has emerged as the preferred choice for distributing and adapting mobile games for the web. Pley collaborates with top-tier publishers, developers, and studios, aiding them in realizing their cross-platform development objectives. With a well-documented toolchain, seasoned engineering support, and a platform running on Google Cloud, Pley offers scalability even for the most demanding gaming partners.

Pley’s groundbreaking platform is reshaping the gaming industry by seamlessly expanding mobile games to web platforms. With a focus on enhancing player engagement, monetization, and accessibility, Pley represents a game-changing solution for developers and a gateway to immersive gaming experiences for players. As the industry continues to evolve, Pley is poised to retain its pole position as the leader in mobile game distribution on the web.

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